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Bashar On Michael

[From a private session with Judene Anderson, August 1992; Judene reading Kent's written questions to Bashar.]

Q: The other question concerns a metaphysical model for soul structure, dynamics, and evolution created by the causal plane group consciousness known as "Michael". I have heard you refer to Michael in one session, so I assume you are aware of this consciousness.

B: Yes.

Q: Each fragment soul, while still fundamentally a part of the Tao or All That Is, experiences its growth and evolution through the proces of having lifetimes on the physical plane, "maturing" as it grows, and finally "cycling off" the physical plane to continue its evolution through the higher planes and finally back to the "Tao". In this universe, souls express themselves through a blueprint of seven possible "flavors" based on the universe's energetic structure of three primary axes of manifestation (inspiration, expression and action). Each axis has two elements (or "cardinal" and "ordinal" polarities). Then there is one neutral or "assimilation" axis without a polarity, making a total of seven energies, which though they stem from one source, are distinct and unique expressions within this universe.

B: Yes.

Q: Within a grand cycle from and back to the Tao, a soul identifies itself as one of seven "roles" or styles of essence-beingness -- In Michael's terminology, known as "priest" and "server", the two poles on the inspiration axis, "sage" and "artisan" on the expression axis, "king" and "warrior" on the action axis, and "scholar", the neutral.

There are also several aspects of personality chosen by the soul for each lifetime which help structure the life path of the soul, such as "goal" or soul direction, "mode" or method of movement, "attitude" or outlook on life, "centering" or type of input channels, and "chief feature" or main stumbling block.

B: Yes.

Q: Michael calls these aspects "overleaves" and sees each fragment soul as being at a particular "soul age" or level of development, and choosing one of seven possible "ways of playing" each area of a life. Free will operates totally, and one can express any energy, but the chosen overleaves will function as a "default" or most "natural" expression for the essence --

B: Path of least resistance, according to the **theme** of the life that was planned out by the soul -- yes.

Q: -- what Michael calls the "true personality". The choices within each overleaf are again based on the same energetic pattern of the seven fundamental energies available in creation.

B: Yes.

Q: For example, Judene (that's me, sitting here in front of you) would be described by Michael as a "second level mature priest in the passion mode with a goal of growth, a realist attitude, in the intellectual part of moving center, and a chief feature of martyrdom". You, Bashar, have been channeled by Michael as being a "seventh level old priest in the passion mode with a goal of growth, a stoic attitude, in the emotional part of emotional center, and a chief feature of stubbornness.

My question is this: do you on Essassani have a similar way of understanding or describing these soul and personality perspectives as they apply to personal individualities and uniqueness? Certainly you would have grown beyond language-based descriptions, but is there not an energetic type or "recognition" that might be equivalent to the "overleaf" model?

B: To some degree, there is, although there will be differences. We base our "system", as it were, upon something we have already defined within your words, and explained to you at various times. The direct analogy to what is being expressed by Michael is the idea that we have called **knowingness, belief, emotion, and action** -- the idea being that the knowingness serves to function as the neutral place (what you are referring to as the scholar), and that the belief, the emotion, and the action are the three things -- each possessing a polarity which creates the six.

Thus, from your knowing self -- your neutral self, your fulcrum point, your lever point, the gateway or doorway through which your existence pours itself into physical reality, so to speak -- you create a prism, a threefold prism -- with, of course, as we have said, its polarized counterpart, but fundamentally a threefold prism -- of belief, emotion, and physical action that we have rendered into the formula of manifestation called "see it, feel it, and be it".

This idea, therefore, is that your knowledge -- your neutral, knowing self -- is rendered into a template that is defined by **vision** or blueprint; by **feeling** or emotion or in that sense the activation principle; and **being it** or the action or physicalization principle. All three are necessary, and the balance of these three between their polarities are necessary in order to achieve or be able to create any physiological manifestation that would **then** express itself as what you have called the overleaf personas.

This is our analogy of what you have just said -- basically, fundamentally speaking. Thus it is recognized that the persona, created out of the threefold belief, emotion and physical action portions of the template, are responsible for, at any moment, **expressing** the particular **point** along the path that you are at as a soul, the particular reflections you are creating in your life, the personality aspect that is reflective of the theme you are exploring in whatever way your free will has decided to explore it; and as such the persona is, in a sense, as we have said, an artificial construct which can be transmuted into any other kind of persona at a moment's notice.

When you align the overall energy of the personality with the knowing self, or the highest self, so to speak -- when you synchronize that energy, when you balance that energy after you have balanced the three within the polarity structure -- then taken that whole one the three has become and balance it with the **knowing** energy -- you thus **achieve** the balance between the polarity of the physical and non-physical reality [pause...] and evolve into, so to speak, becoming one with, so to speak, your higher self; and have completed the cycle of your physiological manifestation for that lifetime -- for that particular, shall we say, **fragment** of the oversoul.

Is this making sense to you?

Q: It is somewhat to me, but I'm not the one you need to worry about right now. Kent will listen to the tape when I get home, and I'm sure he'll --

B: If there are further questions, letters can always be written again. Questions can always be asked.

Q: There's a little more to this letter -- let me finish it just in case there is something in here you would like to respond to.

B: Yes.

Q: You have stated that your society and consciousness is based upon three; would this correspond (well, you just answered that) to the three primary axes as described by Michael?

B: Yes:

Q: And do you experience the seven in any similar way (well, you went into that) --

B: Yes!

Q: -- as an extension of that basic three?

B: Not identical, but similar -- yes.

Q: Would you care to comment on whether Michael's perception of your role and overleaves is valid for you?

B: Yes! It describes the combination of my goal, and the channel's goal, and how the combination of my consciousness and the channel's consciousness **presents** itself in translated form into your dimensional reality. It is an accurate description, therefore, of the role that the personality that is being created between the both of us is playing in serving your reality to assist in the changes taking place in the transformation; yes.

Q: Finally, what is your relationship to the Michael entity? Do you sometimes use Michael or other causal guides of our sphere as information sources?

B: Yes. Any time we interact with your sphere, we in a sense must act **through** the energies that are more, shall we say, germane to your sphere; and in this way we access those sources of knowledge that have more experience with your sphere, so that we may function as a type of "switchboard unit" -- accessing the necessary information to deliver to you when a question is asked. We are consulting your guides, your oversouls, your higher selves, your future selves, your past selves, your alternate realities, the world spirit -- many different levels of information; the akashic records, the holographic matrix; many different sources; other civilizations, our own people, from time to time, our own future selves, our own guides, which we have; any source that will allow us to access what we need in the moment to serve you best is accessed. And in coming through to your dimension, in a sense we must therefore ask the permission of those that are more relevantly, shall we say, "in charge" -- or performing the duty of serving you in order to interact with you as well. Because we do not want to, in any way, shape, or form, disrupt what the "local" program is; we wish instead to synchronize with it, and serve you. So we put out a type of "request" that allows us to access the permission of the world spirit, so that it will guide us into the proper place and timing to be of service according to the overall program that you all have decided is best for you. In that sense, therefore, we are working with you all -- rather than simply interjecting our point of view. We are working within your program, because that is what would serve you best. With every civilization, we do this.

Q: Well, Kent ends with: Thanking you in advance for your beautiful and valued reflections, and for all the rest you've already shared.

B: We thank you -- and him.

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Amy 17.05.2011. 09:15

Wow! I have just reaquainted myself with the Michael teachings that I was interested in, but could not fully grasp in the 1990's. It is much more understandable and memorable to me now. Thanks.

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