Ideas Associated with Each Soul Age

Ideas Associated with Each Soul Age

Date: Thu, 16 Oct 1997 13:59:58 -0400

Dear John -- I forgot your question about "quickening", which I was going to answer.

Art Bell has a book out by that title and he's been talking about it as long as I've been aware of his show, maybe three years. I don't know where the term originally came from, but it refers to an acceleration of everything that seems to be happening. All the knowledge, technology, communications, awareness are speeding up at an exponential rate, and part of it seems to be that people are collectively creating the belief that whether it is the millennium or the end of the Mayan calendar or something else, we're running out of time as we know it before the world ends or changes drastically to something we can't conceive of in our present reality. The process stimulates fear in some people (especially baby souls) and anticipation for some people, those with more optimistic outlooks.

In regards to the karma-chanic thread and the ideas on all this stuff: One of the very useful Michael ideas to me was (I think it's in one of Stevens's books but I can't find it) the types of ideas that different soul ages use. It isn't a matter of attitude , which is a different thing.

Young souls like to master increasing complexity, just like children learning games. Young souls love to believe that the answers can be found with computer programs with 10 million lines of code, or by figuring out the human genome, or the incredible complexity of the math in economic theory or physics.

Mature souls are drawn to "serious" publications or art of all sorts. They are the ones who will read the really heavy texts and commentaries on eastern practices, psychoanalysis, Jung, or the meaning of literature. These texts always are written in formal language with long paragraphs and big words. There is a reaction against the young soul style that has more of a short attention span, glossy paper, expensive printing and need to keep you interested. Mature souls want to feel above the need for anything young-soulish.

Old souls are drawn to the power of simple, radical truths. They like to use their accumulated wisdom and competence to see right through all the complexity to the roots of things. The transcendental and infinite teachers have shown us that all the complicated word games are unnecessary illusions that confuse and hide the simplicities.

Young and mature souls tend to feel threatened or put down by what they see as too-simple explanations. Young souls want their billions for medical research and mathematical analysis of everything; mature souls are committed to their reality that the spiritual path is long and arduous and when they feel it dragging, they go back to the heavy books. This is just a stereotype, of course; many mature souls spend a lot more time with real drama, TV and film drama or pop psychology, but if they get into serious intellectual study, they want the heavy books.

All the best, Ed

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