Soul Age of Atlantis

Soul Age of Atlantis

** Humans were NEVER hive souls. Humans are fragments. Atlantis existed in the time of the Earth being an average Infant soul planet (by Edgar
> Cayce's reckoning, and averaging how long it would take for the
> planetary soul age to move). Which goes to show fragments can be smart
> and still fear-driven. **

I have to disagree here. Atlantis may or may not have been
average of infant soul age, but the leadership would have been young. The
 hallmark of Atlantis was a young-soul abusing of their creative powers with a
lack of enough older soul influence to keep them in check. This is a theme
which has been recapitulated in the US especially in the time since WW II
broke out.

Any idea of how long it takes for average planetary soul age to move is pure
speculation, as is the idea that there is a predictability to it that we can
measure and be scientific about. I'm sure there are ET and discarnate beings
out there who do have a scientific understanding of such things, but the best
we can do is channel them and be very skeptical of the results -- which in
any case don't matter down Here and Now.

The biggest hole in the Michael teachings, and I would invite you to apply
your very fine mind to it, is the lack of explanation for how X billion
current fragments here could have had 50X or 100X or more billions of past
infant and baby soul lives on this planet. It seems to me that part of the
total may be accounted for by lives on other planets, but the great bulk seem
to have to be in a lot of sparsely populated parallel universe Earths that
have been merging together into this heavily overpopulated one.

All the best, Ed

My understanding is that earth's average soul age has cycled from infant to
old and back again several times over the course of sentience. Atlantis was
settled for 60,000+ years, so it no doubt experienced that cycle many times.
It was probably a young soul society when it was aggressively imperialistic,
as it was at the time of its final downfall 12,000 years ago, even if much
of the rest of the world was infant-souled at the time.

Best, Shepherd

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