Soul Age of Civilizations

I guess that many of you have read these articles (can't remember on which pages or even specific websites) regarding the soul age of different civilizations. Our western culture/civilization is given for being young age. I think I have read 6th level young for the US (and Europe?) somewhere. I also guess that China is at some lower level of young age civilization too. Now, I have also read a channel's blog, where he wondered what would be a mature age civilization. After all, some Micheal channels report Micheal saying that eventually (in a couple of centuries) we should reach mature level for our culture. 

So, for what my memory is worth, the channel wondered if a mature type of government would be one based on consensus, where everybody agrees on a decision before taking it. I got an idea (that is compatible with the "consensus government" anyway) that I would like to propose: Mature age is the fourth of seven ages. Then, Scholar is the fourth of the roles. We can already see the parallels between our young age (3rd age) civilization, as related to the Warrior role (3rd role), which is warlike and conquest (at first physically during the previous centuries), and now of economical warfare so to speak. Then, if the mature age is related to Scholar, can we think that a Mature civilization would be one that emphasizes information? We are already entering the information age with internet and the extensive scientific research. And my question thus is: could it be that a Mature type of government would be based on well-informed choices. On any subject, the growing body of knowledge would let to take the most efficient and pragmatic decision from knowing what it actually is, rather than based on beliefs, demagogy, etc. Then, growing information would lead those who use ignorance and opacity to further their own unacceptable objectives, to have ever more difficulty doing it.


According to recently channeled information, our planet apparently reached the 'tipping point' between the Young and Mature soul level last December. That does not mean we are fully into the Mature soul level, rather we are now more often expressing a mature soul paradigm than the young soul paradigm, but as with any transition, there is a bit of back and forth between 7th level young and 1st level mature that will continue for a while. We are starting to see some of the earlier manifestations of the mature soul outlook but of course, it will take time for that outlook to become fully 'mature' (pun intended).

My guess is that a fully manifested mature soul culture will be a lot more about consensus and a lot less about a hierarchical power system. I suspect things will actually get quite chaotic at times - have you ever tried to get something accomplished by committee? - and there will be a lot of changes of foci in priorities (I hope these come quickly). I doubt that the mature soul society - at least early mature - will be any more 'informed, efficient or pragmatic than what we have experienced up until now. I would suspect it will have a lot more to do with beliefs and values and 'feelings' and may even sometimes become rather 'Jerry Springer-ish". The young soul paradigm is about accomplishment; the mature soul paradigm is about relationships. The most effective soul level overall at accomplishing anything is a young soul. A mature soul society could also become effective but it would get pretty messy first - at least according to current standards - as everyone worked through all of the relationship issues involved. The process would be more important than the end result, while for the young soul, the end result is more important than the process of getting there.

Our planet is in for a very interesting ride over the next few centuries, I'll warrant, although I think it will be at least another 50 years before we all really realize by looking back at this 'time' that 'oh yeah, we are at a mature soul level now'.




I remember some channeling from J.P. vanHulle's advanced class lo these 
many years ago that a Mature soul civilization tends to discuss things 
at length, but then one day everyone wakes up and discovers that the 
decision has been made. Once that happens people rally around and do 
what's necessary to implement it. In a country that's fully settled into 
a mature paradigm, government will look quite different from what it 
does now.

Two examples come to mind. The first was the fall of the Soviet Union. I 
knew a couple of people from Russia who lived through it. They said 
nobody saw it coming. One week the Communist Party still had 
credibility, the next week they didn't. It was just that fast.

The other is the more recent shift in the U.S. on gay and transgender 
rights. That wasn't overnight, but it happened in a relatively short 
time frame; the difference being that the US is still pretty much a 
Young soul country, with major chunks of Baby and Mature, so it's a bit 
harder to drag the rest of the country along. Russia is pretty solidly 
Mature and Old.

You might enjoy my musings on the subject in the MT site's library.

John R
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