Paying For Channeling

The new release of MFM and the website has obviously re-opened an old 
can of worms. As a relative Michael newcomer, here's my frustration:

There's a whole bunch of Michael information that I am told is the 
only *true* Michael information and I can't get my hands on it.

Clearly, the expense and manpower it would take to edit and publish 
the Yarbro group channeling is probably prohibitive. My guess is that 
combing through the personal vs. the public info in the transcripts 
would be a daunting task. There would also be an army of Michael 
students who would be happy to help edit, publish, etc. and probably 
for nothing in order to learn what is in there. But, of course, they 
might use it wrongly.

On a number of occasions in my life, I have been involved in one way 
or another in this kind of thing, both as an insider as one who 
is "in the know" or on the outside, as in this case. In my previous 
experiences, I've discovered that the desire to control the flow of 
knowledge and information ends up backfiring on those who try to 
exert control. It has inevitably bred resentment and the teaching 
itself founders. And many people who could have benefitted end up 
losing out.

For 25 years I have taught using a methodology in which the 
originators attempted to exert control over who could teach it, how 
it was taught, who trained them, and if they were approved, etc. As 
one of the "annointed ones" (trained by its brilliant inventor), I've 
been a first-hand witness to the divisiveness and plain pointlessness 
of the guard-dog mentality. It didn't just hurt my teacher (the 
brilliant inventor), it hurt the untold numbers of students who could 
have learned from "uninitiated" teachers who incorporated some of the 
techniques--even haphazardly--into their teaching. But since those 
teachers couldn't possibly have been controlled and monitored 
constantly, which was what the originators felt the need to do, 
everyone lost out. 

Oh--and paranoia was a big big part of the problem--not just in the 
above example. In all cases, the insiders felt threatened and 
attacked. The outsiders felt belittled and invisible. In both cases, 
not entirely unjustifiably. So the insiders closed ranks and 
attempted to exert more control. So then the outsiders just gave up--
or used the info any way they wanted despite the control-types best 
efforts. So the control-types, ironically, ended up with less control 
than they would have had they not tried to control!

And yes, in all my experiences, there were legal and professional 
battles and name-calling and threats and ruined reputations and all 
that stuff. 

The fact is, in the long run, nobody can control how information is 
used. Look at the bible.

The bottom line is that there's a sense that the *true* channels that 
Bodhi has discussed are only available to a select few. The only true 
teachings, supposedly, are for the initiated. And I'm sure there's 
channeling in the Yarbro group that supports that idea. There usually 

This is the situation that most of us--the uncool kids at the corner 
lunch table--are stuck with. So some of us may go to the so-called 
frauds, because they'll play with us and genuinely want to be of 
service. And lemme tell ya, this all feeds right into my life task!


My post on this seems to have gone into the Ozone, so I'll try again:

For me, I don't care WHO is channeling Michael. It could be Grandma 
Maybob's left pinkie for all it matters to me. It's not about inner 
vs. outer circles of adepts, etc. I just want quality information.

And for quality there has to be a standard.

My quality of standard includes intellectual vigor. Such vigor turns 
me on. Bias stated. I'm a scholar.  

And I simply haven't found any Michael channelings that have the 
intellectual force, clarity or consistency of the original Yarbro 

Sure, a number of the earlier mediums read widely, but as one of 
these mediums herself said, she would have had to pursue advanced 
degrees in X ,Y and Z to keep up with Michael. So I don't think the 
feeling that very powerful minds are behind the Yarbro channelings 
is simply a matter of medium filtering. There's a power there that 
I just don't sense outside Yarbro, and for me that's the rub.

Please don't flame me for denigrating your choices. I ain't. You 
do what you want. I'm just pointing out why some of us might favor 
the Yarbro channelings as the "real McCoy" versus other later 
channelings, for other than nefarious reasons.


I wonder how a live channeling from the channels in the Yarbro books 
would compare to:

a) the printed material in the Yarbro books, and,

b) the live channelings of current (non-Yarbro) channels.

By definition, written material is intentionally edited for 
intellectual force, clarity, and consistency.

A live delivery is LIVE. Were it to be subject to the manipulations 
of conscious editing (other than as regards striving for the 
language and concepts most expressive of the information coming 
through), that channeling would surely suffer from considerable 

On the other hand, making a transcript of a live channeling and 
editing out extraneous or repetitive material, and editing in more 
focussed and descriptive language, would likely make for a more 
intellectually consistent delivery. It would surely pack the 
deliberately crystallized information with more immediate punch, 
i.e., intellectual force, etc.

Comparing apples to oranges will result in a circumnavigation of 
logic and yield erroneous results.


Why? I have no problem "paying" my cat for what he gives. Granted, it's not
in money, but the cat can't live on affection alone, he has to have some

Same thing holds for channeling. It takes time and energy to channel, which
means time away from family, leisure, friends, even money-earning work which
is needed in this life to live. For me, it's not obligation to give money
when someone channels for me. It's simply helping to make it possible for
that person to continue their work in health and well-being. It's no
different than paying a doctor to give me medical advice, or paying a
plumber to fix my sink. Or, someone paying me for the work I do for them.

As for church tithing...<chuckling> At our church, we no longer have the
mortgage, but guess what? We still tithe because the pastor needs food on
the table, and so does the secretary, the janitor, and the electric bill
needs paying.

But gosh, sometimes people forget that, or assume that somehow the pastor,
the secretary, and the janitor should just do it all for free because it's
just not "spiritual" to ask for money when it has to do with working for the

Well, you know, it's not very spiritual to let people live in poverty,
either, or see the parsonage the church is supposed to maintain via
volunteer efforts go to wrack and ruin, because by golly we are all very
busy people and just don't have time to go fix it, or we'll fix it next week
and gosh, things got in the way.

Sorry, that's the way it happens. You pay people, the work gets done. You
depend on volunteer efforts, and it may get done. Anyone here willing to go
over to California and build Shepherd a house by the beach? And do the
fixing and maintaining? Ditto Victoria, or any of the other channelers? Or
at least make sure they have food on the table every day? And I mean go to
the grocery store, get the food, fix the meals? No?

Much easier, IMHO, to pay the money and have them do that themselves, yes?

Hence the paying of spiritual people such as pastors, church secretaries,
and channelers. 



> Like thieves in the temple, I simply bristle at the idea of paying
> for channeling. It just doesn't sit right with me. If we are all
> on the path, why not help each other without obligation? It's not
> like paying a tithe - there's no church mortgage to pay off. 

There may not be a church mortgage, but very likely there's rent, or
a residential mortgage. Additionally, channels are human beings, and 
they need to eat (which means paying for groceries), and they need 
to take time to rest and to play, and to try to have a balanced 
life, generally.

A number of channels work at this full-time. It doesn't make 
practical sense to give away so much time and energy without having 
some form of energy returned to them so that they can keep their 
physical act together. Of course, this doesn't always mean money is 
given for a channeling. There are other manifest forms of energy 
that could be given in trade.

Of course, there are scenarios in which channeling could be obtained 
for "free," as it were. A channel may, from time to time, do this 
work pro bono. Maybe every 20th channeling is given away. In an 
intentional community setting it might be agreed that the channel is 
available to do this work so many hours a day or week, and in turn, 
all their physical needs are taken care of - housing, insurance, 
transportation, food, clothing, discretionary income, etc.  

Even though a therapist or counselor engages their clients at levels 
that are also emotional and spiritual, we do not expect them to 
render their services for free. Because a service is personal does 
not invalidate the requirements of completing the energetic loop or
circle that was opened with the request for service. Energy 
expended must, and will, be returned. It is a law of this universe.

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