Mars and Uranus

Mars and Uranus aligned around mid-June in what is known, 
astrologically, as a conjunction. These two planets are going to 
conjunct at least once every two years, and the duration of that 
conjunction is usually going to be short - around 4 days - in the 
course of more frequently observable cycles. 

This year several phenomena came together (again, this is a cyclical 
event, but one of unusual dimensions) in which the retrograde motion 
of Mars (retrogradation cycle is about once every two years for Mars) 
coincided with the zodiacal placement of transiting Uranus. (This 
cycle is also periodic, and I'm not sure of its occurrence
without some research, but it is more than two years). As a result 
of its current motion, Mars has been closely associating with Uranus 
for MONTHS. This association, or conjunction, will be separating in 

There is one other critical observation that needs to be made here: 
Mars is in a 60,000-year perihelion cycle. What this means is that 
once every 60,000 years, Mars is as close to Earth and the Sun as it 
is going to get. Consider the symbolism behind perihelion: heat, 
intensity, prominence, dominance. Consider Mars: aggression, 
boldness, action-taking, courage, exploration of foreign or unknown 
terrain, forging new pathways. Consider 60,000 years: how many of 
you can claim that their first incarnation on this planet goes back 
that far?

Now let's review Uranus. This planetary consciousness is often 
referred to as "The Awakener." It is associated with
epiphanies of every type, from the scientific to the spiritual. It 
has tremendous historical significance, and I'm going to let you
do the research on that. [Perhaps someone else would enjoy 
submitting a discussion on what was taking place when Uranus was 
discovered, and the kinds of events that have demanded global 
attention when Uranus has stationed, or has sustained significant 
configurations with other planets.]

Uranus disrupts and interrupts. It is visionary, and incisive in, 
and with, its vision. It challenges the status quo with an 
irrevocable, irreverent, and iconclastic approach. Chaos is always 
dancing around the edges of apparent stability, and in my opinion, is 
a requirement for sustaining and promoting life in all its forms. It 
brings necessary change. Stagnation leads to death. Uranus lets us 
know that we cannot take anything for granted, and the extent to 
which we are willing and able to work with the essence of the 
creative force that roils through everything is the extent to which 
we are going to successfully ride and integrate the implosive gifts 
of an in-your-face Uranus.

Look at this: Perihelion Mars conjoining Uranus for approximately 4 
months. The fact that Mars has recently stationed to move forward 
imbues this conjunction with additional livening energy. Mars and 
Uranus together are going to force issues in every arena. It is an 
earth-moving energy that often results in earthquakes. And
we're looking at not just a trigger for moving forward (whether 
fearlessly or not), but also for the finding of solutions, getting 
resolution and closure, and really moving out of old situations into 
new ones. 

Where you are going to experience the greatest changes and challenges 
in your personal life is where the conjunction falls in your natal 
astrological chart - i.e., what house, and what specific aspects it 
is making to other planets in your chart. (Progressed and return 
charts should also be evaluated). Some genuinely FUNDAMENTAL changes 
and events will be taking place in those arenas. Mark my words.

Don't be surprised if you find yourself in a completely different 
environment and set of life circumstances over the next year, if what 
you've been looking for shows up (albeit in an unconventional 
package), or if what you've wished for suddenly lands in your
lap. It could be a very enlightening exercise (along with being fun) 
to share with each other where your foundations have split this year, 
the size, shape, and smell of the hole/s you've found yourself
in, and how you got out, or are getting out. (You will get out, 
unless you like being there. Your choice.) Have some unexpected 
allies appeared out of nowhere to offer assistance or new 
perspectives? Have people you thought you knew removed their 
disguises? Lots of fun in store and in-house. Good luck.

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