Roles On Same Axis

Roles On Same Axis

Sun Nov 9, 2003

SHEPHERD: Roles on the same axis can be confused, but it's usually not
difficult for a
person to validate whether he's more ordinal or
cardinal. Most artisans will
tell you that they would rather connect
with a few people at a time or
one-on-one rather than be center stage
in a large group, like sages. The
exception to sages loving lots of
attention is when they have arrogance,
which creates a push-pull: "Yes,
I want the attention, but I'm also afraid
of being judged, so I want to
hide from the spotlight at the same time."


And what Artisans have been channeled as Sages?


 Weren't you, Dave, at one point?

In any case, in the early years of the list, many people assumed Dave
was a
sage because of his humor. Dave has validated that he's a
sage-cast artisan.
His writing has a sage flavor, but, typical of
artisans, he's shy and
low-key--he doesn't want to be center stage.
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