Previous Cycles, ETs, and Jesus


If I understand this right, has anyone just done one (previous cycle)?


The lowest I've gotten on a chart is two, but there may be some people with
0 or 1.


I thought one's role is always different from one's ET's role.


According to JP, 95% of souls have an ET, and of those, 6/7th are of
different roles. According to Yarbro, it's reversed: 6/7 have the same role.

I mostly get different roles for people's ETs (although my own role and ET
are the same--sage). My theory is that when you've had fewer grand cycles,
it's more interesting to do a pure play of, say, just sage energies, so
you'd choose to be a sage with a sage ET; after you've done that, doing
sage/warrior, say, might be interesting. So the majority of people probably
have same role ETs, but among Michael students, that might not be the case,
as students tend to have had more cycles.


Have you channeled Jesus' chart? Are you aware that Seth says that the
biblical Jesus was/is actually a composite of three men?


I have channeled a chart for him but I doubt it veracity, so I'm not
inclined to put it out there; there is so much contradictory material about
him, and I don't feel that I have it sorted out.

I did get that man Jesus (before the Infinite Soul came in) had more than
one soul involved in his body, not as guides but actually co-incarnated into
both his body and those of others, although, as I understand it, in such
situations, one soul is the primary "lease-holder" of the body. I've
channeled that people with large life tasks often have this kind of
situation, with other souls more intimately involved than guides would be,
more in their body sharing their life experience and contributing skills,
although the role and overleaves you would notice would be more of the
"lease-holder" soul.

The original Michael group got that he had a Pisces sun, Gemini moon, Leo
ascendant, and that "This was an emotionally centered mercury-saturn."
Yarbro later said that he was a 7th-old king in passion, acceptance, and a
spiritualist. I got dominance and idealist, but I'll defer to the earlier
channeling; however, I suspect that the truth here is complicated. Since
nothing can be proven either way, I don't worry too much about it.
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