6th Mature


Why is 6th Mature so rough? Does it still continue to be rough as one goes through the levels afterward? Meaning if one is 3rd Old one still goes through a horrible 6th Mature phase, for example. … I am 7th Mature. The year of my life in 6th Mature was just terrible.


The number six has a positive pole of harmony and resonates with priest. Sixth soul age levels are about tying up loose ends, whatever they may be. Someone tying up a lot of difficult karma will have rougher sixth levels. It also matters whether one is in early, middle, or late sixth-level.

Someone like you who is older than sixth-level mature may pass through a sixth-level review that is relatively brief or long, rough or easy, but it's still about harmonizing what came before. In the case of mature, the focus is relationship loose ends. The challenging year you had might not have been directly related to manifesting sixth mature. Since this is the physical plane, "shit happens."

Some channels get the world's average as now being first mature, but according to Yarbro, it's still fifth young, and the U.S. is at sixth-level young. It's interesting to consider the U.S. as now going through a karmic payback time relative to material achievement after an expansive fifth level. I do observe that mature soul values are increasingly holding sway.
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