Essence Twins The Same Role?




In all of my years of knowing fragments who know (or know of) their ET's, I
have NEVER net a single case in which the two ET's were the same Role.


I am a sage with a sage ET (and sage primary casting!). I am acquainted a
bit with my ET, and it has been validated by JP. (My secondary casting is
scholar and tertiary is warrior, in an artisan-cast entity.) She does not
happen to have the same casting as me: hers is server (primary), artisan
(secondary and tertiary), in the neighboring warrior-cast entity of our

Another Yarbro quote says that "six times out of seven" (rather than "almost
always," ETs are the same role. JP says the reverse, six times out of seven
they are different. I think it depends on the experience level of the cadre
in terms of the average number of previous cycles. After several cycles of
ET bleedthrough being the same, a spark may want to mix it up. Bleedthrough
is highest with the ET is discarnate.

Casting, especially primary (position in cadence) can also add an influence
from another role, and definitely, six times out of seven, it's from a
different role, since cadences number one through seven. Casting is more
influential than ET bleedthrough when the bleedthrough is less because the
ET is incarnate, but it's more a flavor rather than giving the actual energy
and substance of the role.

It's pretty easy to validate bleedthrough. For example, if you can't decide
if someone is a king or an artisan (the two most disparate roles), there is
probably high ET bleedthrough from one of them. Dave and I had this
challenge in trying to guess Bela Bartok's role from his photos before I
channeled it: he came out as a king with a discarnate artisan ET.


I think always in a different entity. I don't recall anyone ever channeling
that ETs could be in the same entity, nor have I heard of any example of


It's rare, but I seem to recall getting a couple. "All is choice." and
"Never say never." On the other hand, task companions are usually in the
same entity. Yarbro says that they are never of the same role, but I've
goten several exceptions.
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