One Role Not Better Than Another

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One Role Not Better Than Another

Sat Oct 4, 2008

If one is inclined to think better of one role than another ("Oh, no,
server!"), it might be useful to think of the seven roles as being
like the
 seven colors of the rainbow, each perfect, beautiful, and

Among manmade items, the only color I don't like is orange. Yet in
orange flowers are just as glorious to me as any other color.
My favorite
 color is green, but I've seen shades of green paint I
thought were hideous. 
In paint, there is no subtlety. (Of course, it
depends on context, too.)

Manmade items that are not beautiful could be seen as analogous to
negative poles, whereas their full-blown subtle manifestation in
would be their positive poles. I have never seen a
manifestation of a Michael-defined energy that wasn't
beautiful. Some 
Michael traits are more apt to push my buttons than
others, but that's my
problem, someone else's negative poles triggering
mine. If one has low
self-esteem, one will find something on one's
Michael chart, accurate or
not, to feel bad about. However, the traits
are all neutral.

-- Shepherd Hoodwin
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