The Math of Reincarnation

Another factor in the math of reincarnation (How can reincarnation be true
when we suddenly have so many more people?) is that in times of low
population, souls space out their lifetimes more due to there being fewer
bodies available. Since time is fluid on the astral plane and in general
seems much faster than it does on the physical plane, this is not a big
deal. The decision to incarnate has a lot to do with things being
interesting on the physical plane. In times of higher population, life is
more compressed and there's more going on, so it "pays" to incarnate more
frequently. When the world is changing slowly, souls might decide to take a
thousand or even ten thousand years "off" if there are no pressing karmas or
projects. There are other things for sentient souls to do beside
incarnating--between lifetimes, souls often travel far and wide, for

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