Hive Souls & Contradictions

I've been working with animal communication and I have no doubt that animals
reincarnate individually. I've seen several instances in which the same dog
or cat soul has been reborn to the same person, and it has been validated by
the successor having several unique traits of the earlier animal.

I think it's also true that our companion animals, like our children, take
on some of our energies, at times including overleaves. We might also be
drawn to animals who are like us in the first place.

Being a companion animal is an evolutionary fast track--being close with
sentient people gives animals exposure to more complexity and stimulates
them to individuate more (become more complex and therefore unique). Animals
in the wild are less individuated. When I look at birds on the beach among
their flock, the flock as a whole has an energy, and each bird looks like a
more concentrated focus point of that same energy. This is more in keeping
with the usual understanding of hive souls. Still, I believe that they
reincarnate individually. According to my channeling of Michael, the term
"hive soul" refers to the simpler organization of animals' soul groups.
Rather than there being many different entities, cadres, and cadre groups,
there is just one big cat or dog group, for example.

I agree that sentience implies abstract thinking. Animals don't think
abstractly--they don't plan for the future, create works of art, analyze, or
do other more complex intellectually centered activities--but they are
intelligent. They have thoughts, observations, volition, attitudes,
feelings, and unique personalities. They can be quite astute and wise, and
can say some amazing things--telepathically, of course.

My cat, Agape, has been ill recently. He was throwing up a lot. Most of the
time, with long-haired cats, this suggests stuck hairballs. The vet agreed
that cutting off all his hair and giving him hairball remedy was the first
step. An animal communicator talked to him and Agape swore that it wasn't
hairballs, that something was wrong--for the first time, he actually wanted
to go to the vet, and was uncharacteristically cooperative when I took him.
Sure enough, when the first step didn't work, he got an x-ray, and there was
very little internal hair. (He got antibiotics and anti-inflammatories, and
they helped.)

I've had and read about many experiences validating the intelligence of
animals. In fact, like many of the Native American tribes, I believe firmly
that everything has intelligence at some level, because everything has
consciousness. When I walk on the beach, I sometimes communicate with
boulders; each one has a different energy and "attitude," and I experience
having conversations with them. I find that they like being acknowledged. I
was once on a beach that was new to me, and a boulder was very angry. I
later learned that there had been some murders there. It seemed like more
than just absorbing the energy of the event--the boulder didn't like what
had happened. 

One can communicate with any being, including plants, clouds, rivers,
mountains, the sun, universal male or female energy, the creative
force--anything. This is what's behind the ancient ideas of the multitude of
gods within the One. Even man-made objects, such as cars, have consciousness
and respond to us. The essence of channeling is the ability to communicate
with any being in the universe.

I've heard several stories in animal communication circles that contradict
some Michael channeling on the subject, but I tend to believe them. For
example, I've heard of cases in which a cat who acts like a dog has a dog
soul who is doing something different for a lifetime. I've even heard of
human souls in animal bodies, and of people who have been animals or
cetaceans. I no longer freak out when I hear something that contradicts
Yarbro or other channeling--I just keep an open mind. I believe that the
universe is like Alice's Restaurant--you can get anything you want. If you
want to do something and can make it happen, you're free to pursue it, even
if it's not the norm. If a dog soul wants to be a cat, why not? That sort of
thing is rare because it tends to be disorienting, but above all things,
beings crave experience, and there are always those who are willing to test

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