Soul Age & Arrogance

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I am a little uneasy about the importance palced by some posters on their soul age. Isn't that an ego thing?


Like all parts of the Michael teachings, I find soul ages to be fascinating and illuminating, but I also find them to be the most misunderstood and overrated part of the teachings. I've written quite a bit on this both here (you can search old messages) and in my book "Journey of Your Soul," especially the subchapter "Older is Not Better."

Soul ages tell us what our primary lessons are but not how much we are in our positive poles or how spiritually awake or advanced we are. It is one kind of advancement but it doesn't imply wisdom. I know some quite advanced young souls. It not really possible to accurately discern someone's chart traits just from the written word. The fact of your being interested in the teachings doesn't mean you can't be young, although it's true that the majority who are interested are mature and old. Young is the 3rd/warrior age, and I notice more vitality in young souls toward the outer world, often (but not always) including the ability to do what they need to even if it isn't their preference.



I don't think soul ages are all that important other than a data point, no different than understanding that you have a goal of perseverence or are an idealist. It's rather like saying you're 25 years old, are 6 foot 4 inches tall, are 190 lbs, and have blond hair. All that has some implication on how you go about your life, in that you know that if you want to wear nice clothes you need to go for a certain size, or you probably wouldn't fit too well in one of those mini Smart cars, or that you might stand out in a crowd if you're living in Japan, although not so much if you're living in the Netherlands.

Each soul age has its characteristics, somewhat akin to what one is like as one goes through the different stages of maturation. An elementary school child will act differently than a teenager, and a teenager will have different insights than a young adult. None of that is wrong or right, it's just how they are. I'd be sad for a child who felt like he or she had to act like an adult and not enjoy being a child. By the same token, I think a young soul should feel good about being a young soul and all the good that this can be.

I personally wouldn't want to be a young soul because it just tires me out to think about being so gung ho about changing the world. On the other hand, there are a lot of young souls who are doing their best to help slow down climate change, stop poverty, push for equal rights, and that's great, and I think they should go and do that and be happy doing it. Me, I'm all right sitting by the sidelines and doing what I can where I am, when I am, and if it's appropriate in the long term, and put out a few words when it's needed.

LOL! In other words, I guess I'm fine being a Mom, ready with the cookies and milk when the young souls decide to come home after being out at school or playing. Everyone needs some encouragement and a listening ear, right?

--Karen H
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