Who is Michael?

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Q: Who is Michael?

According to channeling by JP Van Hulle/Michael entity:

"We (Michael) constitute the 4th entity of the 10th Cadre of Energy Ring #17. We have always maintained that we are in the same Energy Ring as our students. It is why we are your teachers, and is basic karmic payback for you having taught us in past cycles where you preceded us in cycling off the Physical Plane.

All of our Michael fragments went through cycles of human lifetimes. We had our first lifetimes shortly after humans took root here as a viable species and our last fragment cycled off over 5000 years ago. We, and all humans on Earth, were and are a simian race that evolved originally on the same planet as the Annunaki...a much more advanced race at the time. These people do not call themselves Annunaki, by the way...they are telepathic and are the race that our yeti, Bigfoot, and abominable snowman myths come from, though they look more like the Egyptian god Anubis. The "Gedemondans" are the same people known by the Egyptians (and now many others as the Annunaki) and their home is near Sirius B (which is a sun) in the Sirian system.

Humans evolved independently and were not created, though they were later genetically enhanced to handle things like Earth's greater gravity. They were not used as slaves, though they were domesticated pets before they became sentient and were coworkers with the Gedemondans the way elephants work side by side with humans in India, or the way horses and oxen have plowed fields or worked as riding vehicles. Once they developed enough sentience to become self-aware they were eventually recognized as sentient and no longer treated as animals or pets. These [Anunnaki] "zookeepers" of the human race stayed in regular contact down through the centuries and still keep an eye on humans today."

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