Gurdjieff Terms and the Original Group

It was mentioned that the first Michael channel of our era, Sarah Chambers,
and much of her group had been students of Gurdjieff (particularly through
Robert Burton), among other things, in the late 60s and early 70s. Their
study group started using a Ouija board and first accessed an ET and an
astral "fragment" before Michael came through in 1973.

One group member was an iconoclastic warrior named David who wanted the
group to be more Gurjieffian. The event that provoked Sarah to end the
regular group meetings in 1975 (there were occasional special meetings for a
few years after that) was when he smashed a vase. But, for Sarah, that was
merely the straw that broke the camel's back. She found him to be a divisive
force who'd crossed the line in a number of ways, and was burned out.

Channeling tends to use terms familiar to the channel and those listening,
but then redefine and evolve them, as a way of moving from the known to the
unknown. So Michael's original vocabulary for centers, chief features
(obstacles), and body types derived from the Gurdjieff community (not
necessarily Gurdjieff himself but also his students and others who later
taught the material). However, from the start, Michael defined those terms
differently and morphed the ideas into something different.

As far as I know, Sarah and her group didn't claim that Gurdjieff was
unconsciously channeling Michael. That idea came later through a different
channel, JP Van Hulle.

I don't think that Michael has claimed that all their ideas are original,
but certainly the specific and complex "packaging" of the material as a
whole is unique. In one of the Gurdjieff community's books on body types,
it's stated that body types have been taught through various esoteric
schools through history, but I haven't seen any examples or evidence.

If anyone, without channeling, spiritual guidance, prompting or reading, can
see clearly the roles and overleaves, etc., and find them self-evident, my
hat is off to him. I've never heard of that happening, but anything's
possible. Tapping into "a powerful part" of one's "superconscious" is just
one step away from channeling a specific entity; some speak of channeling
one's higher self.

Many truths are self-evident once you know about them, but hard to come by
without some prompting. For example, we can all see that people have
different body types, but without the knowledge of the categories, their
physical and psychological traits, and how each type can be active or
passive, masculine or feminine, and positive or negative, it is left as a
vague impression. That's why we have education. Some education brings new
information, and some just reminds us of what we already know but can't
verbalize very well, giving us a better framework for understanding.

All the best,
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