Sages, Talking & Humor

Sages, Talking, and Humor

Sat Jul 10, 2004


 So, how are we supposed to be able to figure out that the
person who spoke
for 4 hours, non-stop, in a VERY amusing and
interesting way, imparting info 
(and numerology!) as he went, was NOT
a sage? I must say that in my limited 
experience, I have never seen a
scholar act that way.


 There are people of all the roles who are non-stop,
sometimes funny,
 talkers. Warriors have the stereotype of being the
strong, silent types, but
have you ever heard JP Van Hulle speak?
Artisans have the reputation for
being quiet and aloof, but what about
Robin Williams? (Both do have 
secondary sage influences.)

I know several scholars who can talk me under the table once they get
and I'm a sage-cast sage with a sage essence twin and several
overleaves. One scholar friend said that she's a member of a
 program, On-and-On Anonymous.

The stereotypes work maybe 60-70% of the time. It's more reliable to
for underlying energies. Sages tend to be brassy, and our faces
can be quite
animated and rubbery when expressing; even with sage or
artisan casting,
scholars are more neutral and earthy. Sages require
attention to do our job;
scholars can hold forth but the need for
attention isn't strong--they can 
just as easily listen to information
from others. Sages seek insight; 
scholars seek knowledge. For the
sage, insight is truth; for the scholar,
 knowledge is truth.

Sages specialize in wit, artisans, in whimsy, and both, in playfulness,
people of all roles can have a great sense of humor, even without
sage or 
artisan essence twin bleedthrough and/or casting (although
those can
contribute). Humor is not just a sage attribute, it's an
intrinsic part of
being alive. Without smiles and laughter, we're in
deep doo-doo.

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